TEKEVER SPACE is bringing cutting-edge technology into orbit, to create innovative products that are engineered to provide excellent reliability with a high return on investment.

TEKEVER SPACE was created in 2009 as a spin-off of the Space Systems Division of the TEKEVER Group, with the mission of designing, developing and commercializing cutting-edge systems for the space market. TEKEVER SPACE's technology development strategy is focused on taking advanced terrestrial technologies that are already deployed and tested, and spinning them into the Space market to create products with a high degree of innovation and a great return on investment. TEKEVER SPACE is currently focusing on the development and space-validation of products in areas such as Communications, Positioning and Inflatable Structures. TEKEVER SPACE's strategy is intimately connected to the space market. Terrestrial-based technologies for mass market applications constitute incredible technological drivers, relatively unaffected by budgetary reductions and material acquisition fluctuations. Consequently, a clear opportunity to spin-in deployed technologies (already extensively and intensively developed in their Ground and User Segments) into the Space market is here for the taking. World Map