Space-validation with affordable cost
The space market is generally conservative. The major players are generally the drivers in the relevant projects, since they have the expertise, reliability and credibility which grant success to million-dollar missions that are not allowed to fail. Space mission costs and one-off designs reduce significantly the opportunities to test new technologies in space and make it very difficult for newcomers to achieve space-validation of their products. Their technology cannot fly because its reliability hasn't been proven yet, but the only way to prove its reliability is to fly it in space. This paradox prevents newcomers from being competitive in the space business and stunts the growth and adoption of ground-breaking technologies, making it an extremely slow process.

TEKEVER SPACE is keen on changing this scenario, by bringing new and advanced technologies to a new level in space missions. In order to validate its own products in space, but also to help others to do the same, TEKEVER SPACE is developing compact vehicles that can provide a platform for validating small payloads. Missions for flying small vehicles like Cubesats or Atmospheric balloons are simpler, have lower costs and shorter time frames, making space flight available to a larger market. Launch expenses and campaigns are also significantly reduced. This makes it possible to create and offer a standardized platform, though customizable to the payload requirements, that is flexible enough to meet the need for space-validating a particular technology and still be an economically attractive solution.

Smallsat platforms (and in particular Cubesats) and other platforms (such as stratospheric balloons or sounding rockets) for technology validation services are also key enablers for bringing terrestrial technologies to orbit. The design of services based on these technologies will allow a lot more technology-driven companies to open their markets to space. One good example is Software-Defined Radio (SDR), a promising technology under development by the TEKEVER Group that TEKEVER SPACE is preparing to validate in orbit. TEKEVER SPACE expects to play a major role in this new space era, by helping Universities, Research Institutes and other Companies to enter the space segment at affordable costs and with lower time-to-space for new technologies.